Jersey born Miami raised Tracy Morency is spicing up South Florida's Boutique Real Estate market! Her love for Real Estate steams from her long time tenure with Dade County Tax Collector's Office in which she acquired a vast knowledge in property taxes, deeds and certificate sales. Her benchmark approach to Real Estate express "It's not just Real Estate it's a Life Style" she demonstrates and embodies that mantra by leading the path to the beginning of a fashionable buying and selling future: In stilettos of course, by which she created "Stiletto's Meet Real Estate".

A well-dressed approach to buying and selling properties. The stylish wife and mom prides herself on putting her best foot forward towards your chic new life. Drive and Innovation is the key to her success. She's not only buying and selling your property but supplying your life with actual style from her clothing boutique Traymore, combining fashion and Real Estate. Tracy Morency is your future realtor and SMR is the ultimate boutique Real Estate experience.    


Favorite Quote:

" It take years as a women to unlearn what you have been taught to be sorry for. It takes years to find your voice and Real Estate." - Amy Poehler